A declaration of gratitude

People change jobs:

some do it regularly, some do it hardly once

some do it voluntarily, some are forced to do it.

For me personally, I am in the midst of my first major job change and while I could (and will in the future) talk about how extremely excited and humbly grateful I am for the opportunity to join one of the coolest mobility projects I could think of, this text is a pure retrospective.

Why? Because my current (and soon to be former) ‘employer’ h&z deserves every line of gratitude, appraisal, and laudation. As a part- / free…

With the very last steps of my PhD journey on their way (yes, deciding on the paper thickness for the final print deserves a PhD on its own with new terms such as opacity, basically being the level of ‘shine through-ness’ of paper, added to my vocabulary), I found an old digital note file entitled “Live lessons learned during my PhD”. It was one of those rare instances, where your past self can surprise your present self. I completely forgot that I ever created these notes, but after having read them now, some ideas seem worth sharing. I decided to…

An (all digital) collaborative article with my amazing colleague Tilman Bona

Given that most of today’s knowledge workers class is locked in in home office, we observe a staggering celebration of digital meeting tools that facilitate a digital environment that is ‘just like a real meeting’. Our LinkedIn feeds are flooded with smiling faces spread across laptop screens; all happyily and seemingly successfully participating in digital meetings. …

Autonomous people mover vehicles are currently growing like mushrooms after a rain. Many firms are presenting their concepts and road-ready vehicles. Even at last year’s CES in Las Vegas, this new type of local transportation was among the key technologies.

The Navya shuttle in Neuhausen, Switzerland celebrated its first birthday last year. We came to congratulate, took a few rounds in the vehicle and analyzed how far the technology really is.

We have three key observations to share:

  • Pedestrians and irrational breaking are still an issue On the short 500 meter circular route the people mover crosses 10 crosswalks. When…

Benjamin Scher

I am a Future Mobility Researcher and Consultant, integrating the practical challenges of Future Mobility with an academic background in strategy and innovation

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